Certified Life Coach and Social Media Professional Reveals the Steps to…

Pursue Your Passion and FINALLY Do what You Love…As Your “DAY JOB”

Turn Your Passion into Profits using Social Media

You’re about to discover the practical, proven steps to turn your passion into a consistent, stable stream of income!

This is not a get rich quick scheme. Any legitimate business requires work, but it’s important to be strategic and know the right strategies that will produce results for your business. That’s what you’re going to learn with this program!

From: Joy Bing Fleming, MBA, CC

Don’t you wish you made more money? Wouldn’t it be nice if you really enjoyed your work and had more flexibility to spend time with the people in your life that matter the most?

Are you tired of putting your dreams on hold… while you work a job you hate, report to a boss you hate, and work yourself sick 40, 50 and 60 hours a week… just to BARELY pay your bills?

Have you been trying to make money with your passion, but you just haven’t created the results you’re looking for? Are you tired of struggling? Are you finally ready to move forward & get results?

Are you starting to feel like you’re getting too old to pursue your dreams… because you’re overwhelmed with bills, family life and daily responsibilities that make it impossible for you to even THINK about making money from your passion?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you’re about to discover a proven, step-by-step method to turn your passion into a stable, reliable stream of income!

Introducing Social Media 101

By improving your social media & online marketing skills, you have the opportunity to experience these exciting benefits:

  • Have a Top Ranked site on Google, so prospects will be able to find you online
  • Increase the traffic to your website (without spending thousands of dollars on SEO or pay per click ads)
  • Constant flow of “warm” leads/prospects (50 – 100+ new leads per day)
  • Convert Prospects into Paying Clients
  • Grow your Online Following / Build a Bigger Buzz
  • Expand your Business & Generate a Consistent Stream of Paying Customers
  • Boost your Business Bottom Line
  • International Exposure
  • TV appearances, Speaking Engagements

If we had a system that could absolutely help you improve your online marketing skills, increase your sales & income, & make money with your passion, would you commit to whatever is necessary to take advantage of it?

If so, then our Social Media 101 Video Training Program may be for you. In this Social Media 101 training program, you’ll learn:

  • Social Media Basics
    Most common mistakes people make when marketing their products/services online
    Learn what it takes to get consistent results with social media
    How to strategically set up your social media profiles & brand yourself
  • Facebook Marketing Strategies
    How to connect with “targeted” prospects
    How to convert prospects into paying clients!
    How to get results with Fan pages, Groups, & your Personal Profile
    Get more prospects to “Like” your Fan page
    Vital piece of code that will save you Hours of time on Facebook
    How to manage & keep track of your prospects
  • Twitter Marketing Strategies
    Take advantage of a secret method to quickly & easily attract hundreds of “targeted” prospects on Twitter!
    How to convert prospects into paying clients!
    When’s the best time to tweet? Learn specific times when your tweets will get the most exposure
    Exciting tool to build credibility & showcase testimonials using Twitter
    How to manage, keep track of, & sort your followers
  • Blogging, SEO, & List Building Strategies
    Increase the Traffic to your site by 70%, 80% even 90% (without spending thousands of dollars on SEO or pay per click ads)
    Get Ranked on Google!
    How to Find Compelling Content for your Blog
    How to Get your Content Virally Spread throughout the Internet
    How to Make Money from your Blog (affiliate marketing & more!)
    List Building – How to build a database of hundreds of “targeted” prospects
  • Sales Strategies
    Scripts for Scheduling Appointments & Overcoming Objections
    Influence – Learn the questioning process to create interest in you & your services
    How to be very proactive about your business & take social media marketing to an entirely new level (get quicker results!)

Client Results

Verena Martin – http://southparkhypnosis.com- traffic rank increased 91% in 8 weeks!

Roni Faida Clark – http://the-travel-guru.com/- traffic rank increased 73% in 8 weeks!

Dina Marais – http://coachingself.comtraffic rank increased 77% in 5 weeks!

Dr Crystal Green – http://askdrcris.comtraffic rank increased 83% in 5 weeks!

Joy Bing Fleming came highly recommended by a friend and business contact of mine. After meeting with Joy in person, I knew I needed Joy’s help to boost my business and it’s exposure. I started working with Joy mid December of 2011, when I had no idea how my website was performing and how I could even find out about its performance without having to pay a lot of money.

At that time my website, http://southparkhypnosis.com/ was ranked around 23 Million (per Alexa.com). With your website rank, the lower the number, the better (for example, Google.com is ranked #1). So at a rank of 23 Million, that meant no traffic was coming to my site. By mid February 2012, my Alexa rank improved to 1.9 Million (my website rank improved 91% in only 2 months). As a result, my business picked up tremendously because clients can find me online.

Joy has showed me ways to organically grow my website’s performance and ranking without having to pay monthly SEO fees. Working with Joy Bing Fleming is incredibly valuable if you want to grow your business. You cannot afford not to tap into Joy’s wisdom and knowledge. Besides being a genuine, honest and caring person, Joy is a true professional always keeping her client’s best interest in mind.

- Verena Martin

What’s in a number – everything if you are tracking your Alexa ranking and that is what Joy has trained us to do since day one. In 5 weeks, my traffic rank increased 83%!

Joy – I was previously working with another social media coach, and she doesn’t know half of what you know! I feel like I haven’t paid you enough.

Thank you – you have really turned my business around. And thanks for being available whenever I need a friend!

- Dr Crystal Green

I am a “fan” of Joy Bing Fleming! Because of her excellent online marketing skills, I became a client after developing a relationship with Joy on Facebook and Twitter. Joy is an excellent online marketing coach. Joy provides remarkable service including development, training and on-going support at a reasonable cost.

She is extremely resourceful and very responsive to my many individual requests. But more than that Joy is a joy! She has an engaging and lively personality. I have recommended several clients to work with Joy because of her ethics and outstanding quality of work. Her service has been invaluable!

- Adrean Jackson Turner

Joy is a great coach, an impressive professional and social media expert. She is masterful in coaching people to create a powerful web presence and generate clients through social media. Joy walked me through the whole process from setting up on facebook and twitter through to generating clients. She has an impressive amount of material on her website that assists in marketing. Her open and generous coaching style makes her a lovely person to work with. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to use social media to build their business effectively. Thanks Joy!

~ Celia Bray

Hi Joy. I just wanted to thank you SO much for all the guidance and support you have given me over the past few months. I am seeing the results and can’t wait to see what happens in another 6 months! Your videos are incredibly insightful! Just wanted to share my appreciation with you. Take care!

~ Iqbal Atcha

Hi Joy – I would be happy to tell your prospects that working with you has been a wonderful experience. Not only did I learn a lot, but I have increased the traffic to my business website (www.GraceInACup.com).

I am so happy with your services that I tell all of my other business partners and friends about them. I look forward to all of the informative webinars and emails. Finally, what I am most impressed with, is that if there are changes with Twitter or Facebook, you keep me informed. I love what this experience has done for my business and for me personally.

- Marian Owens

Joy – I have looked at the first video about Facebook (which I just signed up to a few days ago) and already learned what I need to do concerning having a private and/or business Facebook account.

Additionally, I am better informed about how to take Chat offline and how to adjust my privacy settings more appropriately. I’m very excited about going through all the material, because if they are all like the first one, I can see that you have simplified them and present them in an easy to follow style (I particularly like the yellow oval that accompanies your cursor – I can always easily see where you are pointing).

To show my gratitude for your generosity, I will now contact several of my friends and business colleagues and recommend they purchase your program.

- Penny Parks

You deserve the best! We’re going to set you up for success!


Joy Bing Fleming, MBA, CC

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